Pharmalink Extracts take pride in specialising in natural products - specifically those with a New Zealand origin. Pharmalink Extracts offers processing and manufacturing for a wide range of products and has many years of experience in the nutraceutical, animal health and food industries.

Supercritical CO2 extraction

A sophisticated method of extracting bio-actives that retains biological activity. Pharmalink Extracts plant is one of the largest facilities in the world and which has co-solvent capabilities as well. Pharmalink Extracts runs the German made Natex multi-purpose extraction plant configured with three 850L extraction vessels.

Benefits of supercritical C02 extraction:

  • Inert extraction medium
  • Maximum product recovery
  • Non-intrusive technology
  • Low temperature protects the actives in products
  • Recyclable extraction medium
  • No solvent residues or impurities
  • High extract yield with minimum loss of volatiles
  • Retention of product integrity and biological activity
  • No thermal degradation
  • De-selection of heavy metals

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